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Small Business Tax Pak DVD, CD and Print

  • Unclaimed Tax Advantages Newsletter
  • Small Business and Personal Finance Toolbar
  • Small Business Tax Wall Calendar
  • Small Business Tax Workshop DVD
  • Small Business Tax Resources Online and CD
  • Tax Avoidance Schemes Brochure in Print
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Tax Calendar

  • January 2008 - Ready, Set, Go: Unlimited Possibilities
  • February 2008 - Stake your Claim: Broaden Your Horizon
  • March 2008 - Family Business Ties: Business Partner vs. Employee
  • April 2008 - Operational Stability: Know the Rules
  • May 2008 - Cost of Doing Business: Organize Expenses
  • June 2008 - Ingredients for Success: Show Us the Records
  • July 2008 - New Technology and Innovation: Move Out of the 1990's
  • August 2008 - Life in the Fast Lane: Plan for Business Success
  • September 2008 - Know your Options: Protecting Your Rights
  • October 2008 - A Winning Recipe: Small Business Help from the IRS
  • November 2008 - The Big Picture: Plan Your Employees' Future Today
  • December 2008 - Wrapping it Up: Identify Your Needs
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Tax Workshop

  • Introduction To Small Business Taxes
  • Session 1: Federal Taxes And Your Business
  • Session 2: Setting Up A Business So Paying Taxes Isn't A Hassle
  • Session 3 (Sole Proprietors): File And Pay Taxes With A Computer
  • Session 3 (Partnerships): File And Pay Taxes With A Computer
  • Session 3 (Corporations): File And Pay Taxes With A Computer
  • Session 3 (Non-Profits): File And Pay Taxes With A Computer
  • Session 4: Running Your Business From Your Home
  • Session 5: Retirement Plans For Yourself And Your Employees
  • Session 6: Taxes On Employees And Independent Contractors
  • Session 7: Managing Payroll So You Withhold The Right Amount
  • Session 7a: Salaries Paid To Indian Tribal Council Members
  • Session 7b: Payments To Ministers
  • Session 7c: Employees Of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Session 7d: Customer Tip Reporting and Withholding
  • Session 8: Depositing And Filing Payroll Taxes By Computer
  • Session 9: All About Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA)
  • Session 10: Where To Go And Who To Ask For Tax Help
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Tax Guide

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  • Tax Forms
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Tax Schemes

  • Recognizing Illegal Tax Avoidance Schemes Brochure
  • Home-Based Business Tax Avoidance Schemes Brochure
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Tax Newsletter Archives

  • 2008 Unclaimed Tax Advantages Newsletters
  • 2007 Unclaimed Tax Advantages Newsletters
  • IRS Tax Map Special Report
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Tax Toolbar Download

  • Hand-picked links
  • Google-Powered Search Box
  • Tax, Money & Business Resources
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